Patterns, Discipline, Growth: Take Ownership

Life is a set of peaks and valleys. But every time I’ve found myself down and out it was the result of damaging lifestyle patterns: what I was eating, how I was moving… Continue reading

Imaginary me

Most of the things that run our lives are not reality itself, but rather imagined constructs that overlay existence. Think money, law, and culture. These things are not “real” in the sense that… Continue reading


You must change your life. It may sound like an accusation, but in reality it’s objective truth with powerful implications. The truth is that we change our lives at all times. This moment… Continue reading

Philosophy in Aiding Perception

A lot of the time, fear, nervousness, and anxiety are a matter of perspective.

“Spirituality” and the Subconscious Mind

Think about when you are at your absolute best, doing something you enjoy. Do you have to think about it, or does it just flow?

Practical Neuroscience

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”

Sociobiology and Disney’s Monkey Kingdom

“Other simian primates have facial expressions, social structures, a system of mutually understood calls and movements, and a style of intelligence that’s eerily familiar. They have opposable thumbs and five fingers on each… Continue reading

Weight Lifting, Sitting, and Poor Posture

Weight training is a phenomenal workout for health, strength, power, athleticism, and body aesthetics. However, it is not without its downsides. Someone lifting without a thorough understanding of the body’s musculoskeletal system is extremely likely to cause… Continue reading

Why Mindfulness?

In a society that desperately needs it, mindfulness cultivates inner awareness. With this awareness comes a resilience of mind, and a very different take on the importance of material objects and external events… Continue reading

Experience as Subject/Object Feedback

We experience reality through expressions of energy. These expressions are what we call the object of experience. The joy of being human is to control a mind capable of uniquely interpreting, and therefore… Continue reading