Introduction to Mindfulness: A Poem

Recently I lost a friend, and something powerful came over me.

I studied the nature of my mind, and discovered infinite possibility.

I learned to open up and broaden my perspective,

And as far as gaining knowledge, I became far more receptive.

I didn’t used to like reading, but now I’m learning by the hour.

See I knew ignorance was bliss but knowledge could give me power.

I applied self-awareness to recover from depression.

Now that I know its value, it’s become somewhat of an obsession.

Meta-cognition, meditation, and mindfulness the tools;

Gaining power over emotion allows me to live by my rules.

Many people think its weird, and that is fine by me.

But if they did their own research, its power they would see.

It doesn’t require any time and is completely free,

Simply understand and apply the basics, and mindful you will be.

My goal isn’t to preach or tell people how to live,

But when something is life-changing, insight is the least I can give.