Reflections on Literature 1

Reflections on Literature 2/1-7/1 (2015)

I’ve condensed 5 months of reading, 20 books, into little espressos of knowledge. Enjoy!

Quantum Consciousness – Wolinsky
Deprogramming. Forget what you think you know. You cannot fill your cup with knowledge if you think you know better, or are unwilling to consider what you don’t understand. Dogma is everywhere. Forget all of it. Embrace the present anew. Cultivate beginners mind.

Mindsight- Siegel
Meditation and self-reflection has incredible benefit in understanding and programming our minds. Know yourself to know others. Meditation has helped many people in psychotherapy applications. Use mindfulness to self-audit. Basically, be your own psychotherapist.

Consolations of Philosophy – Buton

A critical thinker can gain a better perspective with clever uses of philosophy. Minds of philosophers contain much useful wisdom.

Beginners Guide to Meditation – Kriyananda
A look into meditation from a more spiritual eastern source. Useful insight presented in a Buddhist context.

Brain Rules – Medina
Most people know more about their cars than their brains. Don’t be those people. Remember the rules: Excercize, learning, memory, stress, sleep, vision, etc.Practical neuroscience. Know your hardware.

Prometheus Rising – Anton Wilson
Understand the subconscious nature of perception, and how this affects reality. Remember implications of imprinting. Limitations are where we put them. Our minds can be re-wired. Use meditation to access the subconscious, achieve beginners mind and higher potential.

Tao Jeet Kune Do – Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee was a badass. Train like him, learn from him. Practice southpaw equally. Seek practicality. Be water, my friend.

The Rise of Superman – Kotler
Action adventure athletes shatter possibilities because of flow states. You can too. If you’re flowing, you’re growing. Look for opportunities to flow. Apply mindfulness to access.

Waking Up- Harris
Meditation is not only useful, it’s rational. Spirituality need not be irrational or full of “woo”. There are important truths to be discovered through contemplative awareness. Do not be limited by dogma.

Consilience – Wilson
All forms of science and schools of thought can be unified with enough understanding. Behavior is very predictable en masse. Reflect on causal connections between physics, biology, evolution, sociobiology, and the humanities. “Forgive them, they know not what they do… ”

The Big idea – Various

Reference book for the science of many important discoveries in human history. Always seek synthesis. Knowledge is connected. Everything builds from everything else.

Wherever You Go There You Are – Kabat-Zinn
Title says it all. Remember to stay present. Deep look into meditation and awareness by an MIT scientist. Maintain regular practice. Don’t forget visualization. Sometimes, it’s cool to be the mountain.

Broca’s Brain – Sagan

We live together on a rock floating trough the cosmos, yet we suffer because of silly differences and imaginary boarders. Understand science and your fallibility, be skeptical, but always keep and open mind and remember the cosmic perspective. We’re all in the same boat.

The Universe in an Atom – Dalai Lama

Science and spirituality don’t just vaguely meet, they make sense together. The Dalai Lama is a wise and great man.

 The Art of War – Sun Tzu

Do not focus on conflict itself but rather the mind of your opponents. If you understand opponents and understand self, you cannot lose.

 Chaos- Gleick

Complex mathematic systems are chaotic and unpredictable but there is always hidden order within. Such outcomes are very sensitive to initial conditions. Fractal geometry is in everything. Chaos theory is nature’s complexity. An infinite amount of data can be created by a couple lines of non-linear computer code. The universe looks like, and could be theoretically be reduced to, an incredibly deep and complex simulation. Mathematical mind bender.

 Surely You’re Joking Mr. Feynman – Feynman

Memoirs of a genius and very entertaining nobel prize physicist. It’s good to be smart and willing to have fun like a child.

 Thinking Fast and Slow- Kahneman

Alwyays remember system 1(fast/ex: 2+2) and system 2(slow/ex: 17×12), how they function, and limitations of each. Cultivate intuition but be prepared to override it. Humans have bad statistical intuition. Use base rates and logic to overcome biases.

 Atom – Asimov

We only knew of the nucleus from the discovery of radiation. Particle physics was born. Large particles are hadrons: protons and neutrons. Smaller are leptons: electrons and neutrinos. Force carrier bosons such as photons and gluons, Higgs, and probably gravitons. All is composed of partially charged quarks. Quantum world is counter-intuitive and discreetly quantized.

 The Elegant Universe-Greene

The laws of physics are eerily exact to allow the universe to flourish in such complexity. Relativity meets quantum mechanics. Reality is probably not limited by our 3 perceptual dimensions. There’s likely 10 or 11. The forces we know, such as gravity and electromagnetic, are likely caused by extra-dimensional geometry; and there’s a good chance there are other universes similar to our own.