You must change your life.

It may sound like an accusation, but in reality it’s objective truth with powerful implications.

The truth is that we change our lives at all times. This moment holds the key to the rest. We become what we do; attention regulates growth; and to learn is to experience. Mindbuilding is a strategic use of attention in the moment to create habits that lead to physical changes in the brain with the goal of evolving the mind and its capabilities.

Human self-awareness affords us the capability of evolving the mind as we choose. We are building every moment; either consciously or unconsciously reworking our neurons through the neuroplastic implications of our actions. Much of it is done beyond awareness. But those who have seen beneath the surface can take matters into their own hands by becoming more conscious of their mentality and how it shapes experience. With proper knowledge and application, we move closer to our ideals, building mind as we go, and commanding higher obedience from subordinate mental faculties.

Mindbuilding requires constant testing of the will to forge discipline and better habits facilitating continuous self-analysis, improvement, and heightened states of consciousness.

Any time the mind is challenged, it grows. We require experience to learn, and habit to evolve. By consistently challenging ourselves with fresh mental activities, the brain will be continually forced to restructure, rewire, and build new connections to cope with new demands. Challenges are to be embraced. No one thing, pill, or overnight fix will change unfavorable patterns of mind. Traits such as confidence and tranquility are built by facing problems directly and creating habits of consistent growth in aspects of life that carry personal meaning. Running from obstacles is the fastest way to mental breakdown.

The best way to disrupt negative thought-patterns is through mindfulness. A meditation practice has shown across the board to be beneficial in improving focus, cognitive function, objectivity, discipline, self-awareness, physical health, and many other aspects crucial to human development. Mindfulness is a mental tool to become more aware of thoughts and feelings as they arise, leading to a more effective mental landscape. Sharpen the saw, so to speak. (Also see: Flow State)

Staying active and health conscious is necessity. Fitness builds character, and discipline, but most-importantly, peace of mind. It has proven personally, scientifically, and anecdotally, without fail, to improve quality of life. A powerful body directly and unconsciously translates to a powerful mind. Embrace a daily workout struggle with a smile for winning a battle against the only opponent that matters. (Guess who?)

Reading, new skills, and all things intellectually stimulating are opportunity to grow. The mind thinks by associating. Being exposed to more ideas and varying perspectives will ultimately give us a wider understanding and more to draw on in a moment of need. Intelligence is a cultivatable asset. Invest.

The rest of the formula is open. Ask yourself what you want to become, what qualities you’d like to have, and decide how you’re going to get there. There is no” one-size-fits-all solution”, and it will ultimately change as you do. But taking an analytical approach to routines, gaining skills that carry meaning, seeking novel experience, and embracing difficulty are all good places to start.

Think of it like this: Attention the brush stroke, mind the masterpiece. What will you create?