How the Mind Influences Gene Expression

I think everybody is aware that their traits are at least somewhat determined by genetics. The nature vs nurture debate goes way back, and it’s become obvious that the answer is clearly both.… Continue reading

Management and Personal Ambition

Below is an excerpt on management and personal ambition from “Finding Flow” by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. “Keith is one example of many managers who spend years desperately trying to impress their superiors for a… Continue reading

Reflections on Literature 1

Reflections on Literature 2/1-7/1 (2015) I’ve condensed 5 months of reading, 20 books, into little espressos of knowledge. Enjoy! Quantum Consciousness – Wolinsky Deprogramming. Forget what you think you know. You cannot fill… Continue reading

The Brain 101

The human brain is the most complex known thing in the universe. While still poorly understood, we’ve learned more about it in the last 15 years than the previous 15 million. What we… Continue reading

The Cosmic Perspective

The best way to begin understanding the Cosmic Perspective is to reflect on the picture above and a well-known quote by Carl Sagan. 25 years ago, Voyager 1 took a picture of earth from… Continue reading

A Basic Understanding of Mindfulness

The Basics of Mindfulness Understanding the basics of mindfulness really comes down to two key principles. They are: Maintaining presence of mind, and maintaining awareness of thoughts, feelings, emotions, and bodily sensations. The… Continue reading

Notes to self: On Awareness

Since I began researching psychotherapy and self-awareness, I’ve been keeping relevant notes. My notepad serves as an extension of my memory, in which i can write down ideas to never forget. These notes are directed toward… Continue reading

Marcus Aurelius: Insights of a Stoic

I’ve put together a collection of useful insight from Marcus Aurelius, last of the Five Good Emperors. Historians refer to him as a kind ruler who was incredibly loyal in his duty to serve the… Continue reading

Introduction to Mindfulness: A Poem

Recently I lost a friend, and something powerful came over me. I studied the nature of my mind, and discovered infinite possibility. I learned to open up and broaden my perspective, And as… Continue reading